hi, i’m Kristin!

Hello and welcome! I’m a recent New England transplant from Arkansas to Darien, CT. I am loving the Northeast (except for the below freezing temps part ha!). I am a full time photographer specializing in serving Moms! The thing people often notice first is that I've got a heavy southern accent that, no matter how hard I try, I just can't disguise.  I have two adorable children (ages 6 and 3) and am married to my junior high sweetheart. I’m a lawyer worked in international trade during my 5 years as a working attorney. When my first baby was born, I walked away from my legal career to be home with my son because I couldn’t stand the thought of missing a single moment. I'm a "DIYer" to the core and love to make things with my own two hands (and the help of my hubs when I get in over my head).   The beach is my happy place and I go there as often as I can (I especially love going for a sunset picnic with pizza and a bottle of wine)! Our family loves an adventure, and we are always looking for somewhere new to explore (and I like to share these adventures in my blog from time to time)! 

I’ve been on a long journey to become a photographer that started with a love for taking photos as a child (on my hot pink film camera!). I got serious about photography in 2009, and the rest is history. My favorite part of my job is meeting new people, making new lifelong friends, and watching your children grow up through my lens. It is truly an honor to document some of the most special and sweet times in your life with photos that will take you back to those moments that you will long for once your babies are all grown up.

Thank you to the amazing Cori Kleckner Photography for this gorgeous beach photo of my family! She is based in Newport Beach, CA and is THE best! www.corikleckner.com

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