Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions


It’s a right of passage to welcoming a new baby- those first couple of days in the hospital. It’s a whirlwind of nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, ivs, beeping monitors, blood pressure cuffs, and giant panties. But, in the midst of the chaos, are the magical moments where you become a Mother. The moments where you can’t stop staring at this marvelous little human that you just brought into the world. It’s the tiniest your baby will ever be. It’s the first meeting between big sister and her new baby. It’s when your husband melts into a puddle when holding his little girl.

During a Fresh 48 session, I will capture your brand new baby, your new family, and of course the hospital blankets and hats, the teensy hospital bands, the footprints, the clear plastic bassinets….all those little quintessential birth details that we all know and love. These are short (no more than an hour) and sweet sessions as I know it is so important to rest and recover as much as you can while you can.