Family Style Guide


Wardrobe choice is one of the 3 most critical elements to determining the overall look and style of your portraits (the other 2 being lighting and location). My personal philosophy on wardrobe is to keep it simple, neutral, and make sure no one is wearing the same exact combination of colors on top and bottom (i.e. two boys both wearing a white shirt with khaki pants). My favorite stores for little ones are Zara, Nordstrom, Old Navy (they have cute boy stuff...not much girl stuff so far this season), Gap, JCrew, Target and even Amazon for girls dresses!

COLORS: If you have followed my work, you know I love neutral, muted, light tones for wardrobe.  Tan, gray, cream, white, blush pink, dusty blue, sage green, and mauve are my favorite colors for sessions because they photograph beautifully on all skin tones, they coordinate easily, they look great year round, and they keep the focus of the portraits on the people in the photos and not the clothes they are wearing.  I love that when you choose a neutral color palette, the photos will look beautiful in your home year round and on your Christmas card. 

COLORS TO AVOID- anything dark or bold! Avoid navy, black, dark brown, red, etc.

STYLE: I always suggest using classic, timeless pieces that will never go out of style. My goal is for your to have portraits that you will love forever (and hopefully not look back in 10 years and think oh gosh look at those terrible outfits! haha!!). If you want dressier photos, add in some sequins, bow ties, vests, lace, fur, etc.  If it is chilly, layer on some light colored cardigans over dresses and add knee socks or tights. Keep hair bows simple and not too big.  

FIT: The most important thing is that the clothes fit.  I know sometimes we buy things big for our kids because they grow so fast, but for photos, it is so important that they fit well! I would rather it be a little small than big! This goes for Dad too! Shirts and pants that are well fitted (and maybe a little slimmer than he might normally wear) will be much more flattering than baggy pants or shirts. 

MOM- I love dresses on Moms.  They add add some femininity and movement to your images and are very flattering to the body.  If dresses just aren't for you, I recommend gray or white pants/jeans with a flowy neutral top.  If it is chilly, you can add a pretty cardigan.  If you need help, feel free to reach out- I have lots of dresses in my client closet! Please remove any bright or bold color nail polish (or old chipped nail polish) and either leave nails natural or use a light color polish.

DAD- Pretty much anything on the boys style board works for Dad...except the rompers! Ha!

BABY- If you have little ones who are not walking yet, keep it simple for them.  Rompers work great for boys and girls at that age.  Since they will be held during photos, collards and dresses can be tricky as they ride up and cover baby.

KIDS- See Style Boards


Here is a link to some inspiration outfits on my Client Pinterest board.