The Beach Life in Connecticut | Fairfield County Beach Photographer Kristin Wood Photography

If you have read my “about” page, you know the beach is my happy place.  I’ve always loved the beach.  As a child, my parents took my sister and I to Florida every summer for vacation, and it was a trip we anxiously looked forward to each summer.  As an adult, my husband and I have traveled to the beach annually as well (though we’ve tried out some new places).  As much as I love it, I never dreamed I would live a couple of miles from the beach.  The beach (in addition to the proximity to NYC) was one of the biggest selling points for us to move to Darien. 

When we first relocated here, we lived in a hotel for a couple of weeks.  It was ROUGH living in a tiny room with two young kids (Liam was 4 and Vivi was 18 months) and two dogs.  So we escaped to Weed Beach to dig, play, explore, swing, and throw rocks in the water.  Being able to spend our days at the beach was such a huge stress reliever (I’m not sure I would have made it through the relocation and renovation without the beach).  There aren’t many places in the country where you can experience warm, sandy beaches AND a snowy winter (which I’m not so keen on in March…but it was fun to have our first white Christmas and build our first snowman).  

Frolicking at the beach allowed me to capture some lovely photos of my kids playing and made sure I didn’t get rusty while I took a break from business to renovate our house.  The kids, probably much like yours, don’t love to sit still for a picture. But, if I let them play, they don’t mind the camera so much. I never ever want to forget these days, as hard as they are at times, because I know they are the best days of my life.

Like I do with all our photos, I just made an album from this day at the beach! The kids already love looking through the pictures and talking about them. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have albums and prints of your photographs.  You (and your kids) will not get the same enjoyment out of them living on your computer like you will having them in your hands and in your home. 

Beach family photos at Weed Beach in Darien
Toddler photos at the beach in Fairfield County CT
Fairfield County beach photography
Darien CT Weed Beach family photos